Without the appropriate tools, it is impossible to find all the illegal copies available on the Internet. AgencePDN has develops for 3 years the essential tools specialized to watch your creations within the framework of the digital piracy.

Service of surveillance

Preventive Research

The preventive search has for advantage to avoid the leaks. It costs you nothing more because our team will begin only in the appearance of the first source file. At this moment, our supervision will begin. In 80 % of the cases, when the source file is spotted in time, the distribution is completely stopped.

Automated follow-up

The automated follow-up is a system of " spiders " specialized in the search for illegal files. This technology is constantly updated to detect and notify our agents during potential appearances of illegal files.

Because the machine is not infallible, we complete daily of a manual follow-up to validate and keep our agents for the last piracy techniques and handle quickly and effectively any new problems.


If specific needs require it, AgencePDN will investigate into the fraudulent practices of individuals, sites or targeted hosts. We shall support you in your legal initiatives by proposing you by means of detailed reports the necessary information for possible pursuits.


When the problem seems impossible to solve nevertheless our success rate border the 95 % of retreat.

We are capable of removing thousands of links every day. To stop the leak to the source is essential and AgencePDN tools are made to support you.

Service of protection


The problem with piracy it is because as soon as the leak appear, this problem becomes exponential.

AgencePDN makes sure to stop the contagion within first 24 hours further to the appearance of the 1st piracy file. In the majority of the cases, the protection undergoes no more attack and the recurrences of appearances become sporadic.

Manage research

You do not find any more official links in the sea of illegal links when you make a research on Google, your marketing sees itself undoubtedly affected!

AgencePDN also manages this problem. Further to our increasing demands of cleaning with Google in the last years, we obtained the status of moderator for the search engine. What allows us to make our requests much more quickly than averages demands. It also allows us to isolate from the appearance of the first files and so to avoid any contagion.

Streaming content

Who has not already looked at a fight paying à la carte on illegal streaming service. Unhealthy one habit which is embedded in our customs of the incalculable losses of income for the producers and the diffusers.

Our expertise in the live protection domain is in the most proactive offers on the market of the digital protection. Two weeks before the event, AgencePDN prepares and cleans the ground to remove most possible illegal offers and cleanses the Google searches of it.

During pay-Per-View, PDN takes care with removing any attempt to offer the streaming free of charge, and it on an international scale. Furthermore, a private ground of the social networks is undertaken to ensure a total control over the distribution of some links which can escape our control.


There is of multitudes of cases on Web and AgencePDN is there for you. Whether it is for advice on the procedures in case of blackmail or of swindle. Of a legal follow-up concerning a case about your intellectual properties or a report in defamation, our staff at AgencePDN will be there to support you in your request.


Blackmail and Swindle

Further to ceaseless requests and the observation of a blatant lack of competent resources in the public domain to help the victims of frauds and/or blackmails. A private, fast and effective alternative in your problems is from now on available. All the cases are individually studied, if we are not capable of helping you and of taking care of your problem, we shall help you to find and to contact the available resources. If at the need there is we shall support you in your legal steps.


You are a victim of media harassment on the social networks or harmful words. We shall help you to go up a detailed report to be used in court if you decide to go before the courts. We shall find for you all of all which was able to say to itself on your person of slanderous and we shall accompany you in your legal escalation.

Webcam Scam

You can now use our automatic system to takedown videos resulting from swindles by Webcam. $10 fee are required for the management of the case by our agents to avoid the abuses of the system. The withdrawal will be made in 15 in 20 minutes following the payment and the reception of the e-mail with the link of the video.

WebCam scam