An application to help you to protect your rights

AgencePDN offers you an easy tool to manage yourselves your copyright " DMCA agents ".

By taking advantage of our database updated daily for more than 5 years, you make sure a fast, professional takedown and in compliance with the law for a fraction of the usual cost.

This tool was to create for the artists, the autonomous workers, the developers, the writers who in the beginning of creation, do not want to use the services of an agent to look for them for the illegal links.

Why to use the add-on DMCA Agent:

  • An autonomous and complete management of all the links which you will find without having to research for various contacts for takedown requests;
  • Huge database on a majority of sites pirates, blogs, torrents and if we do not have it, we shall make the searches as a accordingly without any cost;
  • More than 5 years of experience in the domain, relations established with the majority of hosts worldwide;

All the requests are summits under legal formula in 3 stages

  • Takedown request to the administrator
  • Takedown request to the host
  • Takedown request to the Internet acces provider

*No threat is made to private individuals to obtain the takedown of our products in survey

Choose a plan

All the plans are similar, only the number of links differs according to the chosen plan.

  • Include the autonomous takedown of a link by our management system automated Takedown;
  • Access to your customer account;
  • Only the links that are remove are charged and recorded;
  • No deadline to use your credits.
Single Link
2.50$ cad
5 links Plan
10.00$ cad
Bronze Plan / 15 links
25.00$ cad
Silver Plan / 40 links
50.00$ cad
Gold Plan / 100 links
95.00$ cad
Webcam Scam
10.00$ cad

We are moderator for several sites what involves automatic immediate takedown, here is some sites for which we are moderating:

  • YoutTube
  • Google
  • Uploaded
  • and others...