An extension for your browser in order to remove pirated files yourself


Protection of the copyright for digital products

A safety net for your creations in an piracy ocean!

Agency for the protection and surveillance of the intellectual property against the illegal downloading. Our automated methods sweep and remove automatically your files 24/7. An effective way to make sure that your products are protected against the hacking during the first stages of your marketing.

All the developers and the creators susceptible to see their pirated contents:

  • Music Industry
  • Film Industry
  • Software and Gaming Industry
  • Books Industry
  • any company which wants to protect their trademark of fraudulent use

We protect and remove from the first fraudulent appearances of your products purging them from piracy.

To remove files to the source allows avoiding the contagion of the piracy of your products and so to avoid the appearance on sites Torrents.

Automated follow-up 24/7 so that you can concentrate on the marketing of your creations.


Available services to protect you against the piracy of your creations



Your creations are available without your consent do you know where they hide? AgencePDN and its technology made to find source files from their appearances to avoid any distribution. Without the appropriate tools, it is impossible to find all the illegal copies available on the Internet. AgencePDN develops for 3 years the essential tools specialized to watch your creations within the framework of the digital piracy.


The problem seems impossible to solve nevertheless our success rate border the 95 % of retreat. We are capable of removing thousands of links every day. To stop the leak to the source is essential and AgencePDN in all the tools to support you. Furthermore, we are moderator for Google and YouTube what increases significantly the speed of coverage and protection of your products


Who? What? Target in case of legal proceedings. AgencePDN accompanies you in your legal steps. PDN developed a fast, structured and effective expertise in the recovery of datum on the actors pirates or the techniques of blackmail and swindle. When simple requests are not any more enough, the justice has to take over and we shall be there to support you.

Webcam Scam

You can now use our automatic system to takedown videos resulting from swindles by Webcam. The withdrawal will be made in 15 in 20 minutes following the payment and the reception of the e-mail with the link of the video.

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We protect them against illegal downloads

Groupe V Media
Universal Music France
Distribution Select
Canal Indigo
Juste Pour Rire
Groupe TVA inc
Productions J
Instinct Musique
Silence d'or
ATMA Classique
7e Ciel Records
Simone Records
Association Nationale des Éditeurs De Livres (ANEL)
Zero Musique
Les Éditeurs Réunis
Authentique Productions