16 facts and statistics about online piracy

16 facts and statistics about online piracy

  1. the US, Russia and China are the countries with the highest amount of visits to pirate sites

  1. In the first quarter of 2021, there has already been more than 38.5 billion visits on the largest piracy sites - 6% more than in 2020

  1. Streaming sites account for 50% of the traffic. Despite the popularity of peer-to-peer networks, direct download sites (DDL) and torrents, streaming is perceived as the least risky and most convenient by most users. The improved interfaces of streaming sites since 2019 further contribute to this feeling.

  1. 87% of people who pirate content also use illegal sites and apps from their phones or other mobile devices.

  1. More than 49% of the pirated content are episodes of TV shows. The most downloaded series of all times is Game of Thrones but The Walking Dead is now a close second.

Superheroes  - victims of their popularity

  1. The most downloaded movies are superhero movies - in 2020 Avengers Infinity Wars, Aquaman and Captain Marvel were top the list. For now, in 2021 the most searched movie on torrents is Wonder Woman.

  1. It may seem ironic, but security related softwares are the most pirated

Practicality over money

  1. Price is not necessarily a factor. Many consumers of illegal content justify piracy by a lack of legal options or by the fragmentation of the legal offer - for sports, music or movies and TV shows

  1. The number of movies available on Netflix has decreased by more than 40% in ten years, which encourages many users to combine legal offers with piracy. 

  1. 89% of sports fans have already watched pirated sports content and 51% of them subscribe to an illegal monthly service. This subscription often complements a legal, paid service. 

  1. Movie fans sometimes pirate movies even if they are against piracy. Some films are indeed nominated or awarded at the Oscars but not yet distributed worldwide. Movie fans claim they have no other solution than

  1. The 2020 lockdowns and curfew policies have caused an increase in the consumption of illegal content from 20 to 40% depending on the country.

  1. 30% of users find pirated content through a simple internet search on Google.

  1. 31% of respondents in the Ampere Analysis study justified the use of illegal sports streaming services by the fact that the event was not legally available in their country. 

  1. In North America, 6.5% of households have subscribed to illegal IPTV services. 

  1. In France, this figure rises to more than 24% according to a report conducted by Hadopi in 2019. 

Infographic: Hadopi, 2019

These statistics show that piracy is not decreasing and that it exists everywhere on the globe. Chinese cinema is now becoming the world's leading film producer. It is also one of the countries where piracy is almost not.

China and the rest of Asia are a major challenge for the years to come.

All types of content are illegally streamed and downloaded. Do not hesitate to hire experts, specialized in copyright protection if you need to protect your movie, TV Show, video game, sports event or ebook. 

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Interpol and the I-Sop project: a solution for the future?

The international agency Interpol has recently taken an active interest in the problem by launching a large-scale project to fight against this phenomenon, noting that the extent of piracy is not decreasing. The Korean Ministry of Culture gave 2.7 billon Euros to finance this project.

"Online copyright piracy is a growing threat to Korea as well as to other countries around the world," said Hwang Hee, Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The initiative has been announced in April 2021 and is called Stop Online piracy (I-Sop).

It should last five years and aims to combat online piracy using two leverage factors. One part of the project aims at targeting the creators and distributors of illegal content in order to dismantle the pirate networks, the other part being concentrated on awareness-raising.

Interpol already fights intellectual property crime, but this will be the first project explicitly targeting piracy. 

The objectives of the project include

Next week we will reflect on the relationship between movie piracy and big events like the Oscars.

Charting Global Sports Piracy Report by Ampere Analysis

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